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Welcome to my online portfolio.

The name of the site, aswell as the URL, are derived from a mod-project I started a few years ago.
Im sad to say, that the project died, but will be resurrected as a CG short movie, in the not too distant future. Currently, I'm working on a different, hopefully less complicated short, featuring an Orc shaman, set in the Blizzard Entertainment franchise Warcraft.

At the moment, this site is still under construction. dont be surprised to see some wierd stuff here, as I will also be using this site to hone my codding skills.

As this is the second site I have ever made, dont expect it to be the best looking thing out there.

This site will host both my 3D work aswell as my programming projects.

The section of the site containing my 3D work will show all my latest projects regarding CG. Currently, i have 1 major project underway, with several more still beeing drawn and thought out.

The programming section will contain all the work I do for my current education. So, not just nice renders here, but also some (hopefully) nice codding.

Blizzard Entertaiment

3D Total

GU Comics

Cascade Failure

Penny Arcade

QANTM College